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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

10th Anniversary

  Valentines day, Feb 14th 2018 my daughter
 celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary! It's
shocking to think she'd been married a whole 
decade. Where did that time go?
 They hadn't anything too special planned 
 for Valentines since they had a few 
concerts to attend on the  weekend!
  But with a stroke of natures luck
  it started to snow  a few hours
 before midnight on the 13th!
photo credit cupcake
One of their biggest joys is walking in  the snow!
So for their tenth anniversary nature gifted them
snow! They were out well after midnight and 
made a sweet video that was scooped up by 
our local  news feed  and shared online!

Teaching children to find joy in simple pleasures
is a great gift to pass on! Unlike some parts of
Canada we don't often get much snow. So when
we do it's a real treat! That midnight walk in the
snow will not soon be forgotten! It marks their
special day in a magical way! 

Earlier that evening Beardo was contacted
that he won a free date package. It included
  a heart shaped tin of their  favourite chocolates
  movie passes, pizza, and box of balloons! 

What was to be an uneventful day for this
sweet couple turned into a lot of joy!
Sometimes having a positive attitude 
and letting the universe take over 
works better than if you planned it 

These two  take good care of each
 other, laughing and chatting   daily!
Instead of putting huge expectations
 on each other,  they live simply, with
 kindness and respect for each other! 
Even though they have loads in common,
  which I always believed to be the thread
  that binds long relationships. They have 
their own interests, but  always put each
other first!  I'm glad I've been able to
 experience my child in such a beautiful
marriage, to such  a kind,  loving man! 

With my blessing these two eloped
in Vegas and agree they'd do it 
all over again the exact same way!
 Fifteen years together they
 do things with practicality and
 great thought!

Even though it's a little late
 I'm wishing this old fashioned 
couple so many more years of
 love, laughter, and music!
 These two are winners in 
every way! Starting from the
first year of marriage when 
they won an all expenses
paid trip to Mexico!
From one thing to another they  
have had so much provided to them
in a winning way! They both have
faith, tons of generosity, empathy
and positive attitudes.
Life has fed these two some difficult 
moments and yet they shine through it!
How you handle  difficulties really
tests your character....they
CHOOSE to see the positive as 
much as possible! 
They accept that life is often very
imperfectly perfect as long as 
they have each other!!

Have you ever asked yourself what 
your expectations are for love?

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Birthday dedicated to my daughter!

Dedicated to my daughter!

Happy Birthday Cupcake!
No words can express just
how much I love you and how
much you have taught me
over your thirty two years of life!
A patient sweet child who stood 
beside me at five while my mom 
was dying. Kindly visiting another
lonely old woman in the adjacent bed!
You have been such a treasure over 
the years! One I over indulged while
growing up, but has repaid my 
love and kindness ten fold since!
The hearts were digitally created out of my acrylic painting!
 You have given me true unconditional
 love over the years. Which I cherish
 more than you will every know! I hope
 you never feel underappreciated for
  all that you are and  do!
I love how much you appreciate a simple
day, a walk, preparing a good meal, 
 planting a few flowers,a giggle, taking a
 photo and watching a good flick!
 You enjoy simple beauty with such gratitude!
It's a blessing to observe!
photo credit Cupcake
I love how you value a dollar and can
stretch it into ten with your couponing 
skills! Your gratitude towards anything
you've won or been given since you 
were two goes beyond measure!
It seems you were born thankful!
I love this arty photo Cupcake took when she received a complimentary lipstick!
We are different in so many ways,
yet the same too!  You've been such
 a gift to my life. Helping me to see 
the world just a little differently! 
You've made me a better person!

The big surprise is what a homebody
you have become over the years!
From a teen who had no desire to 
cook, to a woman who creates new
innovative meals! One who sews,
paints up old furniture, and
 takes photos daily!
You have truly grown into a woman
of substance with a humanitarian heart!
Loving, beyond words! You have so much
compassion for others yet great 
boundaries for the energy vampires!
All the above hearts were created from the following paintings!
It amazes me how all the people you
 befriended as a child have became 
amazing adults! Your childhood
 intuition for surrounding yourself
with exemplary people went 
above and  beyond! A lesson that 
personally took me years!! 

The best part of my day is when I
hear you and Beardo giggling!
 I love it when you send me photos
like the one above to make smile!
Original acrylic painting!
Silly fun things excite you! Like watching
 cartoons in bed. Drinking out of a plastic
 troll cup! Playing a  game of mario,
 getting something free in the mail,
 running in a patch of sunflowers, or
 saying hello to  a Llama!!! Even though
 you had to grow up sooner than
 normal, thankfully you managed to
 keep the child inside alive! Something 
we have in common even though
 I don't like cartoons!!
In all the right moments you are
a wise and serious adult! You 
see beyond the flaws to the 
the heart of people! You don't
excuse bad behavior, or even
surround yourself with it!
However you do try to 
understand it! Your
compassion is beyond most!
 I love you so much darling daughter,
and feel so blessed by our close friendship.
There are no words to Thank you  enough,
for all that you do for me daily! How caring,
loving and thoughtful you are with me!
You deserve amazing things in your
 life everyday! I'm wishing you all
your hearts desires, a life filled 
with joy and love everyday!
Happy Thirty second Birthday Darling!

What are some of your quirky guilty pleasures?

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Enhanced or not?

As I continue to just play in colour 
I'm fascinated how a line here and
 there can make such big changes!
I'm also fascinated  how some
 colour changes are so terrific 
while  others aren't! Much like 
relationships,  colour can be 
 enhanced by changes, other
  times it just doesn't work!
I've always said the measure of a 
good relationship is whether the
 two people are enhanced by each
 other or dragged down!
If a relationship of any kind makes
 you a better person then it's worth
 a few pains along the way. However
 if it's constantly fraught with drama 
it's truly  worth letting go!
I've had to do that over the years 
and  it can weed out the angst 
from your life! I think we owe it to 
ourselves to  live a peaceful life!

Have you had to walk away from a 
person or situation that just wasn't
serving enough peace in your life?

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Still Playing with Colour!

I'm still happily playing with colours! I happen to 
love this little pattern. It would make a good
 fabric  When I started playing I thought I 
might use these  journal pages as a first 
layer. Not these ones though I like them
too much! The blue one below is the
  original! I love how the colour 
transitioned on this piece!

I'd like to thank Susan at the blog Scattered 
for her sage comment last week. When she said,
"Each generation has it's challenges and they just 
seem to get more complicated." It put everything
into perspective for me! You are so right Susan!
 It frustrates me to see the same issues
rear their ugly heads from generation to
generation. I thought we had so many 
kinks ironed out, but some issues tend 
to repeat. My mom always said,
 "History" repeats itself. How right she 
was in many ways!
You always want better for your children. 
Yet this generation doesn't quite seem to 
have the same choices as we had! They'
have different choices. It's yet to be seen
if they are better. 
 For now I will focus on the good, continue to 
play with colour and finish a large canvas I am 
working on! Hope you all have a great week!

Do you think life is better for this 
generation than in our day?

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Discombobulated is what I have felt going into this New Year! It didn't help that I held onto a very nasty virus for the last sixteen or so days!!

Last year I didn't use a word to start off my year. It made 2017 a bit  too scattered for me! My children accomplished a lot on my behalf...but looking back I feel my art suffered a bit. It was an odd year, but I came out a winner with a newly painted room and bedroom suite... which I spend far to much time in lately!!
Even though I am surrounded by so much love and kindness I have so many mixed emotions around the state of the world these days! The declining  ethics really disturbs me!  I feel like there is a huge magnifying glass over all of society, still so many aren't getting the picture!!

 I have been creative behind the scenes but had a few weeks where I just put colour to the page in a first layer!  I'm sharing a few pages today!! I also covered up my old lap desk because it was so full of paint!!  Some of the old lines are  still showing through!!
As I am starting to recover from my virus....last night being my best night sleep in weeks. I am pondering what direction I need to go for this year.... I am sort of leaning towards the word " Compile". 
Last year I didn't have a word to start my year! I think the word " FOCUS"  was my best word of the year in the past!   Even with no word I think  I found my canvas style last year, which I have yet to share. It's all about abstract colour!! I was all over the place though!  This year I need to compile some of my better writing and art together for a full  body of work! I also need to write down some of these deep seeded feelings that are festering in the wings!! 
For now I will be around to catch up on your blogs! Just know even though I didn't know what to say or share in the last few weeks  I have missed you all. I will answer the neglected emails too!! Thanks for your support and Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you haven't started off as discombobulated as I have!!

What are your big plans this year?
Anything fun or interesting creatively or otherwise?
Tell me!!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Making Christmas Light!

Wishing you all a season filled with Joy!
 The aroma of Ginger Molasses cookies fill the air,
it's  shortly after six and Beardo is expected home
from work soon! When he arrives I'll yell, " Hellur"
   in Medea fashion with a giggle! He sweetly
answers back in his sing song voice!! It's not
hard to tell he's always excited to be home.
A place that greets him with scent of home cooking
and love! Not many guys would appreciate Seeing
 their Mother in law everyday but he doesn't seem 
to mind at all!!
One of my oldest decorations bought in 1973!
As Cupcake bustles around finishing off 
  homemade roasted potato, cauliflower,
  and cheese soup  Beardo  changes into
  his Cozy clothes! As I sit typing at the 
computer. I often hear him  under his 
breath whisper... mmmmmm......as he takes 
in the beautiful food aromas of the house. 
Cupcake on the way to her nieces wedding!!
These are simple perfect moments for me!
Even though all seems perfect in the moment! Poor
Cupcake picked up another  virus at a wedding
 on the weekend! As we all know Holidays come and go,
 not without a few unexpected glitches. Every year I try 
to remind people it's only one or two days. It doesn't 
always go as planned! People get sick, some are grieving, 
divorced, alone. Others are in dire  straights in one
 way or another! 
Forgot about that little face on this tree, a decoration I made last year!
It's important to remember to treat yourself well 
during this time. Do something you wouldn't normally
do. For twenty odd years I did beautiful Christmases.
After divorce things weren't the same so we reinvented
our holidays. Making new traditions! One was to go to dinner,
then a Christmas movie in the theatre!! Later driving 
around to look at pretty lights with Christmas music
blaring in the car!
 Make new traditions for each situation. I've found that 
the easiest way to get through though tough spots!
Divert yourself from your normal traditions. Watch 
funny movies. I always get a kick out of Tyler Perry 
movies!! Binge watch a series on Netflix!  Buy yourself 
a new cozy outfit, new perfume, eat something
decadent. Have a candlelit bath, with a drink, and a 
good book.....keep adding hot water until you prune up!!
Be your own best friend. Ask yourself what you
 would like! Remember it's only a day! Buy 
yourself a present or two! Something you've been
longing for but didn't dare spend the money on!
 Life can change drastically from year to year
so I always like to reiterate these little  thoughts
that helped me so much during some of the
worst moments in my life!! 
A great way to divert yourself is to invite someone 
to join you...or volunteer to help others! Enjoy a
children's Christmas concert, or join a Christmas
eve Church service. During the season 
there are many events that can be enjoyed 
alone...or with a friend. Buy yourself a 
beautiful gratitude journal write all you
are grateful for then splash it with paint,
and add doodles!
On their way to a white wedding!!
Many people have obligations they truly 
abhor during the holidays! Keep the 
conversation light. Set boundaries and
leave early if you need to! 

 Try not to put too many expectations onyourself or others!! It's just one day!!
Find some joy in the small moments!!

Wishing you a Day filled with Love!
If you would like to enjoy some of my traditional holiday baking recipes go here

Merry Christmas
How do you spend Christmas? 
Do you have any unique traditions?
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